Monday, January 4, 2016


Not a terribly descriptive blog post title but one that seemed to fit when I thought about how I might organize my thoughts for this post.  I think I'll actually have to do multiple posts for the sake of clarity and sanity.
Let's do a little holiday wrap-up.

The ladyfriend and I invited some strays, as I ended up calling our friends who weren't seeing family for Christmas, over for Christmas dinner, which we had on Christmas Eve in order to accommodate everyone.  It was quite the feast and lovely to share with friends.  Christmas Day we spend quietly together eating leftovers.  Pretty awesome.

My parents and the boy came on the 30th, and we all celebrated a new year together.  A lesson I learned, however, is that you can either go to a party on the 31st or throw a party on the 1st - I call it the "Go or throw" rule.  I did both, and it wasn't the best decision I've made, but both parties were fun.

I am, however, trying to implement a new tradition - the post-holiday holiday decor making.  I have found, repeatedly, over the years that as we're unpacking our holiday dreck, as the ladyfriend likes to call it, I find magazines with cool decor ideas that often feel too late to actualize.  So I'm going to endeavour to make one for next Christmas (I know, insane).  I think my choice is the Martha Stewart Ribbon-Candy decoration, which I rediscovered in the December 2014 issue of MS.

I'd also like to tack on making a few gifts that occurred to me late in the game, but I don't want to bite off more than I can chew.  However, I am going to make a calendar that says things like "If you want to make fruitcake this year, better start thinking about that now" followed by "Make those fruitcakes now or let them go."  I don't think I'm alone in feeling like "Damn, if I'd only thought of that earlier."  I'd like to extend the holiday season so that the build-up is almost as much fun as the actual celebration.  Does that make sense?

I didn't try to go overboard with the making for gifts this year.  The boy got a sweater, which he wore pretty much everyday he was here although I failed to get a picture of him in it, and a seed-stitch scarf for my mother (again, no images - bad blogger!).  I also made this apron for my mother-in-law

and an envelope-back pillow for a friend using this dachshund fabric I bought on eBay.

We're not taking our tree down yet.  It feels a little abrupt to take it down as soon as the new year has begun.  We'll give it at least another week but probably two.  The good thing is that the tree is still fresh and supple.  How can we let such a lovely thing go so quickly?
Happy New Year!

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