Friday, January 15, 2016

Feel Me, Read Me, Eat Me, See Me

Here's a round-up of some of the things I've encountered over the last couple o' weeks that I feel like sharing.

Bikeyface does a great job of explaining why a person would need more than one bike.  Yes!  Equating bikes with shoes is amazing!  Plus, she seems to have a Brompton in the first panel.  Extra points!

As a big fan of turtlenecks, I found this NYTimes article interesting although I couldn't care less whether the turtleneck was "cool" or not.  It's awesome, which is beyond cool.

Also in the NYTimes was this about Campbell's disclosing GMO ingredients.  (Might file this under "Don't Eat Me.")

I was quite interested in the flurry of comments about the model in a post on Fringe Association.  Of course I like her look - shaved head and attitude - and the clothes are great.  Body image issues are everywhere, I know, but I felt like the comments got a bit preachy and self-righteous.  Not all crafters are into fashion, but that doesn't mean that it's inherently bad or damaging.  Karen Templer did a good job of responding.  Not an easy task.

I discovered Bitter Southerner through Alabama Chanin, and I'm looking forward to keeping up (as well as catching up) with it.  I have a not-so-secret Southerner thing going on.

Short list, but school has started, and I've got work to do.

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