Friday, March 8, 2013

Balcony Summit & Resolution

After all the independent meetings, it was clear a summit had to take place.

Yes, people just popped up over the railing like this.

I did, eventually ask them if they wanted to come inside.  They declined.
So, it wasn't really surprising when I answered the door this morning (yes, in my pajamas - I have no shame) to the young man who was going to make all the modifications the committee had come up with.
It was clear both that he needed some advice and that she didn't approve of the aesthetics of the balcony.
The boss came to see that things were moving along as planned
The major changes we can see are end-caps for the window boxes, and this life-saving adjustment.
Look, ma! No guillotine!
I'm hoping my neighbors sleep well tonight, and well, quit hanging around outside our balcony.

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