Friday, March 22, 2013

Wool House

I couldn't bear to try to update the blog while we were struggling with the internet connection that seemed to be powered by sleep-deprived geriatric mice, so there will be a few posts with some of the highlights of our trip to London.  Let me also say, before continuing on, that nothing makes you appreciate the snow in Berlin like the rain in London.

Wool House, held in Somerset House, was fantastic. 

Outside they had a pen with some English breeds of sheep, including the Cotswold, which I believe is the dred-locked one.

I can be sheepish.
Inside they had multiple displays of the ways in which wool can be used, from things like clothing to furniture to art, bedding, and more.
The ladyfriend enjoying a display.
The furnishings and wall coverings are all wool, but also notice the navy blue and white skeins in acrylic table.  Crafty!

A child's room.

Details from the child's room

There were plenty of examples of clothing, ranging from handknit sweaters to Saville Row suits and Vivienne Westwood designs.
I love the pattern pieces.  If you remember, there is a picture from Alabama Chanin that also has those kinds of pattern pieces.
One display I really loved was the clothing from Dashing Tweeds.  They make a some really great cycling clothes out of fabric that's 99% wool and 1% reflective yarn, so it glows when lights hit it.  The styles were great, and some of the jackets had sewn-in lights which you could manually turn on or off.  I have to say - super pricey but great designs and ideas.

It ends this weekend, so if you happen to be in London, you should definitely check it out.  It also happens to be free, which is always nice.
Proudly looking forward to more wooly adventures!

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