Friday, March 15, 2013

Things You Learn

This soap pretty much encapsulates what the Tavistock Hotel is all about - function.  What I've learned?  I'm over super budget accommodations with springy twin beds and a continental breakfast that consists of cold toast, doughy buns, stewed fruit, and weak coffee. 
Breakfast supplements
That's right, my standards have risen.  The fact that the wireless (available only in the lounge) is so slow that it takes over twenty minutes to watch a 10-minute recap of a hockey game just seals the deal.  Next time, despite the ladyfriend's family affection for the place, an upgrade.

Excellent Chinese food at Ba Shan.  My lesson comes from Chairman Mao, "You can't be a revolutionary if you don't eat chilies."  Note, quote is actually on the menu.
The Jurgen Teller show at the ICA?  I learned that he's more than a bad boy fashion photographer.  Great show; glad we went.  Made me rethink some of my conceptions of him as a photographer, what fashion is or isn't, and appropriate/interesting subject matter.  I also gained a new appreciation for how how amazing Charlotte Rampling is.  Seeing art really helps get the creative process going.
And I learned that there's always room for a walk in the park with the ladyfriend.  I'm looking forward to getting some of the shots she took with the fancy-schmancy DSLR she was using, including my "fashion" shots!


  1. Look into Base2Stay-- there are several locations in London and we had an excellent experience. We stayed at a next-to-free place for one week (sharing a communal bathroom, etc.) followed by a week at Base2Stay at Earls Court.

    P.S. Have you watched the Bill Cunningham New York documentary? There's an Iris Apfel documentary in the works too, possibly out for a fall 2013 release. I look forward to seeing the Advanced Style doc when in comes out.


  2. Wow. That bar of soap is Spartan. That looks intense! Get clean damnit.