Sunday, March 31, 2013

Getting to "Yuck"

The ladyfriend and I had a simple dinner of dumplings the other night (bought frozen from the local Asian grocery store).  It was over the course of the meal that I discovered how she builds a case, as it were.

It started like this  - My ladyfriend said, "One of these is kind of interesting."  (We had veggie dumplings, pork dumplings, and shrimp shumai).  I responded with, "When you say 'interesting,' it's usually not a good thing."  She agreed, but added "They're not bad."

Then she said, "The texture is kind of weird."

Moments later came, "These are the worst of the three."  Followed by, "These are my least favourite." - a slight softening of the previous statement.

By this time, I called her out on the progression of insults to the poor shumai, and we laughed.  But she was unable to stop herself.  She asked me, "Do you want my last shrimp shumai?"  There was no way I was going to eat that shumai even if I'd wanted to.

And then finally, "I'm not going to eat this one.  I'm full."

Case closed.

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