Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Style Counsel

I caught this trailer for the Advanced Style movie as I was making my way through some of the blogs I like.  I've seen the trailer before and can't wait for the movie, but yesterday this trailer caused a bit of an identity crisis for me.

You see, my current wardrobe is making me feel a bit...like a lesser version of myself.  Between Airberlin's strident baggage policies (yes, I'm still reeling from that) and my own desire to test what I can and can't do without, I feel like I brought the safest, most unimaginative wardrobe possible.  The fact that I packed for more temperate times (yes, I'm still talking about the cold) doesn't help.  This is not Little House on the Prairie (been reading some homesteading blogs, too).  Frankly, it's depressing.

Look at these women!  They are fantastic!  I bet they don't worry about baggage limitations, carry-on restrictions, or how many shoes they packed.  What was my problem?!  Ach, the missed opportunity!

Okay, now some will say, and many said this before we left, "You'll shop in Berlin."  I do not want to duplicate my wardrobe nor do I want to expand it just because I didn't pack the right stuff.  People often think that just because I'm into fashion, I want to shop all the time.  I don't; however, we're going to London tomorrow, and I may have to find an item or two that will transform the things I did manage to pack.  But the shoes, the hats, the things I left behind...

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