Thursday, March 28, 2013

London - (At Least One) Wrap Up Post

Here it is - the super quick, condensed version of all the other cool things we did, saw, ate, or bought while in London, with bonus photos from the ladyfriend.
St. John - this restaurant, one of the pillars of the nose-to-tail eating movement, was excellent.  I decided to do it right and ordered the bone marrow and parsley salad (which even the ladyfriend liked), the grilled lamb's heart (I love the sheep nose to tail to wool!), which was amazingly tender (I know, it's a lamb) and rich and tasty.  I also had dessert - rhubarb meringue (I love a good meringue and plan to make copious amounts of them when I return to my own kitchen).  Thinking about the meal now just gets me all dreamy.
Other great food?  Tayyabs Indian, Joy King Lau for old-school dim sum, good burgers (actually cooked to medium-rare!) although only okay onion rings at Byron (I'm also going to start trying to perfect the onion ring; Alana take notice, I'll be calling on you to help), a lucky find, the full English (plus a great pint) at The Blue Lion, surprisingly good pizza and antipasto at Spaghetti House (I know!), and one more meal at Ba Shan before we left.  Yum!
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time:  Both the ladyfriend and I had read this book and lucked out and got tickets although it had been sold out for awhile (be nice to ticket agents!).  The acting was superb, the adaptation worked well, and the staging was quite imaginative and inventive.

Give me Liberty 
 or give me death?
I'll take three metres of Liberty fabric, thank you very much.  (I've even picked out a pattern in a Burda magazine I bought when we first got to Berlin.)  Liberty of London is the classiest old-school store (more Bergdorf than Harvey Nicks, which I found cold) if you ask me.  Wood bannisters, lovely items, just a joy to be in (although I could've done without all the 'sight-seers'; this is serious business, people.  Amateurs should stay at home.)
Magma Books - what a great place to spend money!  I got the Fashion Trump Card game.  Fun and games!
There's definitely one more post about London, but this is the basic wrap-up of the sights!

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  1. The London trip looks like it was a grand success. I am committed to helping you first: perfect the onion ring, second: eat as many of them as possible.