Saturday, May 8, 2010

City Mouse

Feeding the nostalgia of living in the city by a trip to my old stomping grounds - Brooklyn & NYC in general.

So far - been hit on by an MTA guy, cruised by a cute butch on the subway, managed to have flawless subway travel, seen my friends, Christine & Lawrence, and their amazing little baby, Rowan, and stayed up way too late (with too many drinks) with my pal Keith.  No wonder I miss the city!

Today - the meat and potatoes of the trip: meeting up with my mom for our biannual roam of Bergdorf Goodman and Saks.  It's the only time I really hit that part of town because hey, I'm with my mom, and that's what we do.  Plus, it's fun!  You think I can afford that on my own?

Quick note to those who live in Toronto and think a 45-minute or hour trip to Hamilton is a long way.  (We're often asked, when at a party in Toronto, if we're going to stay the night because Hamilton is sooo far away.)  It took me almost an hour and half to get to my friend's apartment in Brooklyn from JFK (Queens), and 45 minutes to get from Christine & Lawrence's place in Queens back to Brooklyn.  It's all the same city, sweethearts, and in that time you could actually go to another place entirely.  Transportation - it's amazing.  Time - it's all relative.

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  1. We really enjoyed having you over, and I'm so glad you got to meet Rowan! Come back and play again soon.

    How come I never get cruised by cute butch's in the subway?? ...oh, yeah, I forgot.