Friday, May 14, 2010

New York weekend finale; Part 1

Part 1:  General overview and reality check

The nostalgia waned Saturday morning as I encountered the classic subway service interruptions signaling an end to my train luck from the previous day.  No matter, I made it to meet my mom on time, but we took a cab uptown.
    Our routine is to have lunch at Bergdorf Goodman's first, sharing the Gotham Salad and generally the Tea Sandwiches (sometimes we get the Deviled Eggs).  We don't believe in shopping on an empty stomach.  Then we wend our way through the store.
    This wending also has a general schedule - designer collections on the 3rd floor first (where my friend, Domingo, works), then to the 5th (contemporary collections & shoes), maybe the 6th (sportswear), and often the 2nd (more shoes).  On the third floor, I tried on this Alexander McQueen dress.  What you can't see is the chartreuse silk lining.  It fit like a glove, but I turned it down.  Now, I've changed my mind, and I have it on hold.  (By the way, the photo sucks, but you can get the general idea.)
    I'm picky.  Quite honestly, my mother and I often comment that we have more interesting things in our closets at home that are 20 years old than some of the stuff we see in the stores.  However, I'm still open to falling in love, like I did with these shoes (Rodarte for Repetto).
    Have you seen anything like them?  And if you could touch them!  They're like a combination of silk and butter but in a leather form.  Soft is an understatement.  They're like little gloves of love for your feet.  I will be very careful with them because I want them to last a long time.
   We almost always head to Saks Fifth Avenue afterwards, and I tried on a couple of things there.  Like this Erdem dress.
    The fabric was gorgeous, but the shape did nothing for me.  I actually found that with a Calvin Klein dress I tried on - it looked like a fabric combination of spun sugar and spiderweb, but its shape was more suited to be displayed on a skinny, straight-up-and-down kind of figure.  I like to wear my clothes, whether fitted or unstructured, rather than serve as the mannequin for them.
   One thing I have to address is the serious lack of effort my fellow shoppers were making.  What happened to looking good when you went out?  I don't care if you're trying on a pair of $800 Christian Louboutin shoes.  You look like crap in those holey leggings and cheap-looking but expensive t-shirt.  "Casual" is over-rated.
    My mother and I always dress to shop.  For me, it's only appropriate.  I like (or at least used to like) to see what other women were wearing.  Get some ideas, inspiration, or pleasure.  I know, I sound like an old lady (I don't like jeans at the opera or symphony either - not that I go often, but when I do - you know what I mean), but if you're shopping in a high-end store yet not wearing what you shop for - what are you doing with it?  Traipsing around charity events or in your living room (don't get me wrong, with the right underwear, oh, sorry, digression), waiting for a special occasion?  Ever hear of pride?  It's like people who store their jewelry in a safe deposit box and only pull it out on holidays.
   I could go on, but I'll stop.  I think I've made my point.

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  1. I hope you rethink that dress... its awesome in so many ways..

    GET.THE.DRESS. (That's me whispering in your ear)

    It will carry you far. :)

    I will call your mother and lobby for you if you think it will help.