Sunday, May 2, 2010

Road Weary

We're tired.  We're tired of being on the road, and we're tired of the road food.  We'll be home tonight - yay!  Yay Tempur-Pedic!  Yay Max!  Yay clean clothes!
   I also want to call Choice Hotels on their truth in advertising.  They enticed people to stay with their "1 + 1 = Free."  Here's deal:  "Stay two separate times and you can earn a free night at over 1,500 Choice hotels. Just stay with arrival between February 22nd and April 30th, 2010"  What it should say is arrive between February 22nd and April 27th and then you can stay until the 30th because it takes 72 hours for you to get credit for your stay even when you're talking to them on the phone, you've checked out of your hotel, and they can see that in their records.
   Listen, we stayed predominantly at Comfort Inns across the country and they get all cheap on their deals?  Like I said I'm tired, and I'm also tired of their free breakfast.  How about some yogurt or something?  Enough with the wheat/flour-based options.

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