Wednesday, May 26, 2010

State of Affairs

Behind - that's the word I would use to encapsulate my current state of affairs. Behind in my writing, behind in my closet purge, behind in my grading, behind in my running.  You name it, I'm probably behind in it somehow.  I'm hoping to shake off the inertia.  It would probably help if I got out of my head more often.  I seem to be setting up camp in some outpost of my mind.

So I'm hoping a new 30-day challenge will do the trick (since the previous ones were rousing successes - not really):  daily blog posts.   Nothing like a [virtual] audience to shame me into discipline (so many ways one could configure those words; we'll leave analysis out for the time being).  Out of my mind and onto the web (sounds weird, but I like it).

Stayed tuned.  It could get messy.