Friday, May 14, 2010

New York weekend finale; Part 2

I somehow managed to schedule real visits with a number of friends. Saturday night I had dinner with my Kristin and Josh.  Dinner was great and a bit hysterical because I got a glue trap (gross!!) stuck to my coat, which was hanging under the bar rail.  Luckily I'd had a martini and found it more absurd than disgusting (no mice came with it thankfully) and the restaurant was appropriately mortified.  Of course I experienced classic New York subway action on the way home when I let two N trains go by before it came to my attention that there was no R and that the N was running on the R line.  Hey, thanks for the signage.  Oh, there wasn't any...
   Surprise, surprise, stayed up late with Keith and my first Mother's day gift to myself was a headache (sounds better than a hangover, doesn't it?).  But in its entirety my Mother's day was great.  I had brunch with my friend Jill, and then spent the day on my own.  I napped, talked to Ian, my mother, and Liss, read the New York Times, went for a walk, bought Sam Lipsyte's new novel as well as a couple of journals, and just amused myself in general.  It was really pleasurable.  Then I got to have dinner with Artemis, which was very satisfying both emotionally as well as gustatorially.  Afterwards, Keith and I, having exhausted our desire for another late night, sat and watched bad television.  In bed by 11:30pm!
   Good weekend overall, and I'm happy to be home in Hamilton again.

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