Sunday, May 30, 2010

Feel the love

We finally broke down and bought a new refrigerator, and I'm surprised at how much pleasure it's giving me. (Ever have a boy/girlfriend you could say that about?  Uh huh, don't even pretend you haven't.)  But just like that boy/girlfriend, you often find yourself immediately making concessions or overlooking their idiosyncracies, like film in the fridge.
Yes, the first thing in our new fridge was film.  It's true - art is everywhere!
(The fridge will probably never look that good again.)
    I would love to be able to curate and arrange the contents of my refrigerator a la J. Morgan Puett, but I don't see that happening.  However, it would be magical.
 (photos from

   Instead, I'm trying to just stay ahead of dead stuff in the fridge.  That's my current art project.
 (Film never dies...)

    And just because I can, I'm including two photos of my cat who has been amazing me with his choice of hangouts.  This is from where he oversaw gardening operations yesterday.

    Clearly he's not amused by half-hearted gardening attempts.

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