Wednesday, November 11, 2009

All or nothing

 Yesterday started with a wardrobe malfunction - the dry cleaners had untied the bow from my Ter et Bantine dress (which people like to mistake for Viktor & Rolf, lucky me) and I couldn't replicate it.  Thankfully I think I've got it back and will wear it tomorrow.  There's a source of tension - what to wear.  When I teach, I like to dress well - often managing not to repeat the same outfit in one term.  When I'm home, I either wear the same pair of jeans or some kind of crazy outfit.  My moods and desires dictate my costuming.

Worked to own the day yesterday.  One of the things that helped was that I showed the film The Five Obstructions to my Creative Writing class.  It's really interesting and clever, and if you haven't seen it, you should.  It definitely helped me connect back to my own creative work.

I'm off to my holiday card letterpress workshop tonight.  Somehow I've also managed to prep for tomorrow's classes.  Often my Wednesdays are all (schoolwork) or nothing (dickin' around the house).  It's nice to have a combo.

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  1. Great attitude!
    PS: I will double-check my message before publishing now because really it's a shame!