Sunday, November 15, 2009

Letterpress Love

My partner and I went to Buffalo yesterday so I could finish up my letterpress holiday card workshop.  Luckily she brought her camera along, and I have her to thank for these lovely photographs.  (Oh, the jealousy is great, but she has been at it (being a photographer) for a lot longer than I.)  The picture above is my type in the Vandercook machine.  Hopefully in the next day or two I'll be able to post a close-up of the card to show the detail.  Yes, I'm proud.

The cards drying on the top are mine.

These are just some gorgeous shot my talented partner took while I was working.

We joined WNYBAC and are already thinking of other things we'd like to do by letterpress.  It's such a great, tactile process, and I love the results.  I'm hoping to one day have letterpress business/calling cards.  I love the idea of having something so old fashioned in a pretty fast-paced modern life.


  1. Wow, screen printing and letterpress and mailing friends patterns (thanks!), how does a girl do it all? The photos are gorgeous, and the cards look fun. Love that press, and by the way, your blog name. xxox