Friday, November 13, 2009

It's the weekend, and we're freeeeee

I'm always happy when Friday rolls around.  I refuse to do any teaching-related work and spend the first part of the day in my pajamas figuring out what would make me happy this weekend.

So far this weekend's list looks like this:
1.  Get back to crafting:
      - start second sleeve of Cobblestone Pullover
      - figure out whether I'm making socks or slippers for a certain someone (bonus points for actually starting them)
      - make & can puttanesca sauce
2.  Wrap fruitcakes in booze-soaked cheesecloth
3.  Clean garden beds and plant garlic
4.  Caulk the living room window

5.  Work on the Woodland Draft Buster from Betz White's Sewing Green
6.  Give myself a pedicure

This is in addition to some administrative work I need to do as well as a full day in Buffalo tomorrow (yay! get to finish my letterpress holiday cards), and lunch/art in Toronto on Sunday.  Thankfully, I have Mondays off this term.

I realized that even though I was ahead of the holiday craft game this summer, I'm suddenly feeling the holidays closing in.  There's still a lot of things I need to get started if I'm really going to be 95% handmade this season (5% goes to books - more on that later).

The tension in all of  this is whether I really just want to be lazy and lay around the house or use some of my manic energy and get sh*t done.  So many options!


  1. Saturday: super weather so hyperactive.
    Sunday: grey weather, went out for a minimum of grocery, bake a cake, nap, knit a hat, nap, watch an episode of Flying Circus etc...
    Monday: reading your blog to see you are off on Mondays... Feeling a little envious...

  2. I am really enjoying your list....inspiration!