Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wednesday - Two ways

Here was what my post was originally going to be:

How long can you leave clothes on the line?  Well, it's been over a week already, but my good intentions keep getting rained out.  Tomorrow I'll throw in the towel and just wash & dry the lot already.

I finally whipped up a batch of puttanesca sauce using tomatoes from my garden.  Nothing smells quite as heavenly as the garlic-anchovy base of a puttanesca.  Yum!

The other Wednesday story...

Last night was a new version of date night for me and my gal.  We spent 7 hours in the emergency ward!  Why was it like date night?  Well, as my sweetie said, it had all the components I like:  multiple hours together where we had to interact, no television, a game (I'll tell you about it in a minute), and snuggling/spooning on the gurney.  And it was free!  Thankfully my partner is (relatively) fine - it was an ambulance-emergency, but a nurse-said-we-should-go emergency (thanks Telehealth Ontario!).

Our game is called "Who Am I?" - it's an art game.  What you do is say something like:  I'm a giant balloon dog made out of metal - who am I?  Answer:  Jeff Koons!  Or "I'm ranting and covered in chocolate - who am I?"  Answer: Karen Finley!  or a couple of my contributions:  "I'm a beautifully photographed penis - who am I?"  Robert Mapplethorpe!  "I'm a screaming pope!"  Yep, Francis Bacon.  Great fun.  You should try it.

It's now Thursday night.  I'm tired.  We're celebrating Thanksgiving with our other expat Americanas here on Saturday.  I'm sure I'll have photos.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! 

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