Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Unrelated thoughts...or not?

1.  My father's in Haiti with the International Red Cross, and he sent me this photo of a typical bus.  I thought it would make a nice blog photo.  Plus, I miss him.

2.  I'm letting go of getting my grading done today, but I will finish the laundry.

3.  I don't really feel like behaving today. (I know, that's totally related to the previous item).


  1. Hey Claudia,
    enjoying your posts.
    That 'typical bus' in Haiti looks gorgeous! Missing my family too today.

  2. Ahh.. the matatu- that's what they call these buses in Kenya. Its not much different than the F train tonight, to tell you the truth. Only the view is better. Our conductor, on advising us to stand clear of the closing doors, reminded us that you can't fit 10lbs of tuna in a 5lb can.