Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Birthday

Okay, so I lied - the design isn't finished and it seems like I'll be putzing with this for a bit.  But I realized that if I really waited until it was super-fly cool or at least my idea of a good time, I might never get started, and I promised myself that I would start the blog on my birthday, which is today.  Nothing like a deadline to get the party started.

Why bother to blog now?  Well, I seem to talk to myself a lot and thought maybe I'd talk to others, find others who are also working the tension between what I call the "country mouse" and "city mouse" urges, reconciling investments in style, fashion, and culture with self-sufficiency and total DIY.  Where’s that house that’s both off the grid, but within walking distance of a corner store, and will someone deliver Japanese food?

So, to get the ball rolling, could you tell me about some of the tensions you’re currently navigating?

Hey, thanks for visiting!


  1. Happy Bday Claudia! And, congrats on a perfect delivery. As perfect as you! Perhaps I will be your first post.. oh the tensions!

    I often feel like a two-headed snake being squeezed from the middle and wriggling around feriously trying to either kill and consume my other half or make love to her.

    Then there is the delicate balance between gravity and levity, fancy or ridiculous. The later often applies to the tension I feel when dressing myself.

  2. Happy Birthday Claudia!!! Long time I know, but i'm very excited about you knew "project". Currently navigating getting all my Christmas DIY projects finished. Trying to be balance being green with style.

  3. Happy Birthday Claudia - what a way to bring in a blog on your birthday! So happy to hear that you're in for more letterpress printing :)

    Let's see...the only tensions I'm feeling are the knots in my shoulders and back from all the printing I'm doing. I suppose it's good pain!

  4. Happy Birthday Claudia! Let's be in each others' blog rolls! Yes, country mouse/city mouse! I'm an all or nothing gal, I go off the grid for a month in the summer and otherwise am landlocked and city trapped and I'd like things to be less binarist.....

  5. Joyeux Anniversaire Madame!!!
    As for the tensions, I don't know where to start: it's just difficult to be a zen pregnant (gorgeous) woman who just bought a house that needs tons of work done and wish to move in before Christmas...

  6. happy birthday and nicely done. here's a tension; what do you do when you have two months left on your dream year in europe and half the time you just want to go home already?

    thanks for the props on bilt.back at ya!

    megan (& abi)

  7. Happy Birthday Claudia,

    I thought it passed already. I actually was going to email you with a . . . Sorry I missed your birthday. I must say that there was actual tension not remembering the exact day. How could I forget since your day is the day after my nephew . . . Thanks for getting me know what your up to.

    Take care,

  8. happy birthday blog! (and Claudia.) Well I must say, lately just watching Colbert and picking up the New Yorker once and a while - in a complete unpretentious way, of course - I have been feeling the tension between being an ex-pat. Relating so much to the Materland but being in the snowy land. When I was growing up I was always the minority in Whiteland and now I am an ex-minority in Whiteland who is less of a minority in quiltland. Or something like that.
    Anyway, tip of the hat to you, Claudia for the well lived years so far...

  9. My tension is always between vigilance and precariousness. Since I don't like precariousness, vigilance usually wins. About the stupidest things.

    I do love Claudia,
    no tension there.
    XO Liss