Friday, April 30, 2010

Cherry on top

This road trip has allowed us, and particularly me, to see family and friends, and the cherry on top of this trip has been my visit with one of my very best friends, Sereatha.  Sereatha knows me almost better than anyone and it had been six years since I'd seen her.  Since that time, she's gotten married and had two children.
    It seems that time and distance (and changing family demographics) don't affect our friendship.  We spoke with the same intimacy we shared when we lived together in San Francisco, way back when Ian was two years old, and I'm happy to accept the pain that our inevitable separation brings with it because it acknowledges that bond.  All my life I've made friends and then found a way to let them go because one or another of us moved away, and it was too difficult to maintain the connection (often we were too young to even try).  I'm tired of that defence mechanism, and I really want to keep the people I love in close contact with me.  It's worth the effort.   
   We spent two nights with her and her sweet, sweet family (shout out to Samuel, Savannah, and Secily!).  Here are some of the highlights with minimal narrative.
   Pike Place Market -
(Sanitary Public Market!  Love it!)
    Sereatha and me with a very friendly vendor.
    Again, look at the produce!  (It's becoming a fetish.)

Volunteer Park Conservatory:
    I loved the colours on this hydrangea, so not what one expects from this plant.
    Another hydrangea variation.
    There were lots of cactuses...
 and cool plants.
(That's water caught in its center.)

   And then, it was time to hit the road again with lots of promises to see each other before another six years passes.  It seems that this trip has also highlighted my desire to stay in touch - letters, e-mails, and visits.  I like the visits best.

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