Friday, April 30, 2010

Coastal trippin'

Driving up Highway 101 was amazing.  Here are a few quick shots.
   A scenic view in California...

    A scenic view of Liss taking in the scenic view.
    Here's the Trinidad story that goes along with my earlier rumination about "country" living.  We stopped at this totally hippy joint in Trinidad, California (a tiny little coastal town), and I was in love.  My feeling is that I'd be happy to live outside the city if I weren't the only freak in town.  In this case, my not-so-secret hippy leanings could be nourished.  Don't I look at home here?
Mmmmm, cheese!

There's also nothing as stunning as coming out of the redwoods and seeing the ocean, as happened when we were in Oregon.  I love the huge waves and the endlessness of it all.  Pacific, Atlantic, I'll take either.

That's ocean mist obscuring the cliff.
   And this is a weird root I thought was cool.
Doesn't it look like it'd just get up and walk away when you turned your back?

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