Saturday, April 24, 2010

San Francisco Day

Yesterday we went into San Francisco.  I had a specific agenda: to go to Omnivore Books and to hit Community Thrift, where I had scored an amazing coat (Liberty of London coral/pink herringbone one-of-a-kind) on a visit years ago.
   Omnivore Books was great.  I finally found the book Liss had kept me from buying in Provincetown years ago (When French Women Cook).  I also bought a book of grocery lists found around the world.  More on that later.  Liss also picked up a few books.  We were amazingly restrained.  It was really excited to see a cocktail book I'd picked up at the Army thrift store at Fort Myers was "scarce" and going for $150.  I probably paid $1. 
   While I didn't find anything thrifting, it was a great walk (from Cesar Chavez & Church over to Valencia from 25th down to 16th).  I finally got to stop by the Curiosity Shoppe, retail relative of the blog Smarts & Crafts.  They had a great show of custom-made/art bird houses.  We also stopped at Paxton Gate, where I was sorely tempted by a real hourglass.  It's now on my list of desired objects.
   A beautiful day for a walk.

The phenomenal Women's Building -

 And on the theme of women - I got into the Nike Women's Marathon (random lottery drawing) here in San Francisco in October.  Yay! (Yes, I've been managing to sneak in a few runs here and there on this  trip.)

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  1. smallerthanahumanbabyApril 27, 2010 at 11:56 PM

    SF in April! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.