Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Napa - Day 3

After we saw my parents off, the four of us checked out a couple of shops in downtown Napa and had a little lunch.  (Please note, these photos are from the fabulously talented Liss.  Another note - it's kind of hard to share the blog with Liss for the trip because she's all over me to update it.  Yo!  It's my vacation, too.)
Ian and Heather in Napa.
A great and prolific growth mushrooms growing around a tree in Napa.

Heather headed home and Ian, Liss, and I went to the Hess Collection for another wine tasting.  The Hess Collection has one of the five top private collections of contemporary and modern art.  I was really psyched to see a couple of Francis Bacon paintings.  He's one of my favourites.  The wine was also very good, and yes, I bought a few bottles (one for me, one for Ian, and one for our hosts in Alameda).
    Here I am looking like I know what I'm doing.
 While Ian and I are interested in wine, Liss is interested in the scenery.
After we finished up at the Hess Collection we headed to ad hoc in Yountville for dinner.  Oh...my...god!  It was by far the best fried chicken I've ever had.  Everything was served family style at the table (prixe fixe - one set menu).

    Dinner consisted of a local salad featuring enoki mushrooms; buttermilk fried chicken, wild rice with bacon (bacon!), and sweet corn on the cob; a cheese course (Dante cheese from Wisconsin); and then dessert - sourdough waffle sundaes.
    Documentation of our enjoyment courtesy of Liss.

There's no shame in licking your fingers!

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  1. Hey guys,

    Love the trip pics and and the narrative. Ian's maus tattoo is great, although I just can't get behind the zombie tat (or zombie-anything, but that's my issue). Glad Col. Mustard is doing well for you; we're appreciating having the wagon around.

    Happy knitting and eating!