Monday, April 26, 2010


There's much to catch up on, but I'm waiting for additional photos from Liss.  We're in Oregon right now, making our way up to Seattle.
    Here's something I've noticed with this blog - right now it seems like it's the kind of person that people are friends with but don't want others to know they're friends with.  You know, like when you hang out with a certain friend only in places where no one else will run into you (there's a Sex in the City episode that corresponds with this) because, well...we've all had our reasons.
   Anyway, I say this because my friends (yes, I have friends) send me private e-mail comments about the blog.  It's kind of like "I didn't want to say this in public but have a good time or sounds like fun or nice outfit or yummy chicken or whatever."  Sure, it's nice to hear that later, but at the moment when I share something, it kind of feels like I'm talking aloud to myself (which I already do enough of, thank you very much).
    You know, you can post anonymously.  No one has to know you're my friend or a reader.  It's like wearing a big hat and sunglasses.  I'm just saying.  But you can still send me an e-mail if that's more your style.  We can be "special" friends.


  1. sounds like you are all having a great time, say hi to Ian, would not have recognized him in the street. and yes buttermilk batter fried chicken is the best.

  2. Please note that I will be your friend anywhere: specially when there is food!
    Look forward to see you!

  3. I like being your special public friend. Sounds like you are having a blast. I didn't know you're heading up to Seattle - say hi to Gene and Joyce if you bump into them! If you need a place to stay, I'm sure they'd put you up...

  4. PS - I'd have more comments but I always spell the nonsense word wrong at the end of the post. I just want it to be a real word.... unroute - with an e?