Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Winnemucca to Napa

We managed to get out of Winnemucca early and without losing anymore money.  I love the fact that the average speed limit on the highways has been 75mph.  It makes hauling ass faster.

Again with the scenery - these are images from the California hillside and then as we made our way through the mountains.

Col. Mustard, our car, has been performing beautifully.  He's a champ around the curves and switchbacks, and at 80 or so mph, that's important!

We got to Napa, a primary destination on this trip, by 4pm, which allowed us to check into our pretty swell eco-friendly hotel, Gaia Napa Valley Hotel & Spa and meet up with our boy and his girlfriend.  What does every mom want to see when they visit with their child?  What new tattoos do you have?
This one is in homage to my parents who have called him "maus" since he was a baby.  I love the colours on this as well as the composition.
This one refers to, of course, the imminent zombiapocalypse.  It's a new twist on the Boy Scout motto (an organization I did not allow my son, Ian, to join, by the way) - Be Prepared.  Ian is an assistant shop manager at Sacred Rose Tattoo in Berkeley, California (he also did their website).  I had my spirograph tattoo done there last year.

The main event in Napa was a reunion of my father's side of the family.  We gathered in part to remember my Uncle Hamilton, who died last year, and partially, I think, to remember that we had extended family that we should celebrate while we're still all here.
   For me, it was quite special to reconnect with these members of my family.  As an only child who moved frequently (I am an Army brat), it's easy to forget that there are other people who are related to you.  In fact, it's easier to forget because otherwise you'd miss them.  Talking to, and in some cases, meeting for the first time these people was even better because - hey, I want to be related to them.  They're interesting and warm and funny, and bonus! they're my relatives.  It's great when you would actually chose your relatives as family members.
   This photo from dinner isn't great, but it's the best one I have.

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